If you have a Laser Toner Printer and a Silkscreen Setup, you are in luck as you have the equipment needed to produce Hybrid Silkscreen Digital Transfer Printing

Materials Needed :

  1. Digital Transfer Paper 
  2. Plastisol Ink or Waterbased Ink
  3. Adhessive Powder 

Equipment Needed :

  1. Laser Toner Printer e.g. Ricoh Printer
  2. Silkscreen Setup
  3. Curing Equipment
  4. Heat Press Machine e.g. Hotronix Auto Open

Method :

  1. Print Digital Transfer Paper using laser toner. Please refer the the printer supplier for the best settings. Remember to print in mirror mode.
  2. Print Either a layer of Primer using Plastisol/Waterbased Ink using Silkscreen Stencil
  3. While the primer layer is still wet, sprinkle the adhessive powder over the ink. The powder will stick on the wet ink. Shake of the excess powder back into the container.
  4. Curing the Sheet with adhessive powder both to dry the ink and also to melt the adhessive powder for more even coverage before heat press
  5. Heat Press at 150C 15s and peel cold after press

A short video above shows how to print the digital silkscreen transfer at a professional factory such as Printrans Graphics Sdn Bhd

Contact us if you would like to find out more about this process