After almost 35 years of service, the old Pao Yeang Logo will be replaced with a brand new logo,

There were a few motivating factor for this, mainly due to the timing of a few events happening over the past few years :

  1. Covid Pandemic
  2. Relocation to New Premises
  3. Launching of Online Eshop

During the Transition period we will expect to see some of the legacy documents with the old logo sign still remaining, we expect this transition to fully completed in 2023. While we will miss all the memories which is tied to the old logo, we welcome the new era with a new logo design which also represents our determination to continue serving our customers and partners in the next 35 years and beyond.

And without further delay, here is the new logo:

Pao Yeang Logo


Interested to find out more how the new logo came about? or what does the logo represent? Talk to our sales representative today. It will prove to be a good coffee topic