Last year we organised 3 open day with its own specific theme with the objective of allowing our customers to see hands on our machines in action and also get to know more about our team, our services we offer and who we are as an organisation.

We are pleased to announce the Open day series will make a come back this year with the first one happening one month from now on the 24th April 2024. The theme for this Open day will be Direct to Film (DTF) Printing technologies where you will see not one, not two but 3 units DTF Printers from different brand in action. Things to expect on the day include :

  1. Brief introduction to DTF technology
  2. Dos and Donts when picking DTF
  3. Live Demo of Mimaki TXF, Oric 620, Epson F2130 units

The details of the day is as follow :

  • Date : 24 April 2024
  • Time : 9am – 1pm
  • Location : Pao Yeang Sdn Bhd (HQ) Kuala Lumpur – Link to location

As there is limited space to ensure everyone has a good experience and full attention from our team, we encourage those interested to find out more about this technology to register in the link below:

DTF Printing Open Day Registration

See you Soon~~!!

TF Printing Open Day 2024