One of the most common questions we come across over the years is the new starters wanting to start their own tshirt printing business. Of course we would ask you to buy the biggest baddest printing machine your pocket can afford because you know in the long run it actually saves you money.

However, we also understand there are those of you who are just starting and budget is limited. For this group of customers we would recommend starting with just single colour vinyls heat transfer from Stahls with an inexpensive Cutting Machine like the Cameo V4. Finally for the finishing a mini heat press like the PT-Mini would do the job. Here is a video to show the process.


For those of you who wants a easy all in one package can refer to our Start Package Section where you will find one for yourself. Just Click on the link below:

Pao Yeang Starter PackagesΒ 

Happy Printing. Today is the day you start something New!!